Webinar 2022-06: NF Mentoring: Neurofeedback and Trauma - Tools, Insights and Hope

Description: In this webinar participants will not only explore the ways that trauma presents in an EEG, but we will also discuss how to identify trauma as it may present in a session and how to manage abreactions. We will also walk through two cases of complex trauma and the interventions used to facilitate healing in these cases.  

What can I expect to learn?

  • Understand the brain/body connection with trauma and the implications for neurofeedback training.
  • Identify when a client is experiencing trauma activation in a session.
  • Learn practical tools for how to support a client if trauma is activated in a session.
  • Explore the ways in which neurofeedback training needs to be considered in a holistic way when working with trauma.
  • Recognize a trauma signature when considering a client’s EEG profile.
  • Understand the stages of treatment when working with trauma from initial intake and establishment of therapeutic goals and tools to work in an integrated and holistic way with Neurofeedback protocols and adjunct trauma related therapeutic interventions.

Course Details

Webinar, Evaluation & Exam
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