Package Description

In recent years and specifically since the beginning of the Covid Pandemic in 2020, the number of clinicians offering Remote Neurofeedback Training to clients and patients has increased significantly. This webinar will address the ethical practice and ethical concerns associated with Home/Remote/Telehealth (HRT) Neurofeedback Training. The webinar will address the benefits and challenges of providing Home/Remote Telehealth Neurofeedback training to clients and patients.

What will participants learn:

  •        Participants will be able to compare differences and similarities between remote NFB training and home NFB training.
  •        Participants will be able to identify the key elements of monitoring home-based and remote training sessions.
  •        Participants will be able to detect what constitutes measures of progress and clinical outcomes with home and remote training services
  •        Participants will be able to identify the challenges of using home/remote training.
  •        Participants will be able to identify the Ethics involved in HRT.
  •        Participants will be able to apply ethical methods of advertising and marketing home/remote training.

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