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This webinar will explore the training approach commonly known as Alpha-Theta training (sometimes also called deep states training). We will cover a bit of history (but not enough to put you to sleep) and then go on to describe all the different ways people do this training while still calling it by the same name. Some people are afraid of alpha-theta training and have heard scary stories of client reactions. Some people use it with every client and some clinicians use an approach called alpha-theta training, built into many systems, which isn't really alpha-theta training at all. Participants will learn what alpha-theta training is and is not. We will discuss how to best administer it, how to select appropriate clients and determine both if they are good candidates and if it is likely to be beneficial, as well as how to avoid negative reactions and how to respond if they occur (don't panic!). Finally, we will discuss why almost every experienced neurofeedback clinician uses alpha-theta training for most clients at some point in their training experience, no matter what other training they use, from z-score training to infra-low training or anything in between. What's so great about it that so many clinicians use it and so many clients find it beneficial?

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